Welcome to Golding Fiber Tools, producer of fine handcrafted tools for spinning and weaving. Old world craftsmanship, innovative design, and the beauty of fine art, come together to create heirloom quality spinning wheels, floor looms, dropspindles, and accessories.

Design and construction by Master Woodworker/Woodcarver, Thomas Golding, with sons Seth and Obe Golding.

Product Collections:

Of Interest:

  • We have a new Micro Lazy Kate designed and handcrafted by Seth. It’s the perfect plying tool to be used with our lightweight 2″ Micro RingSpindles. If you love spinning with our 2″ spindles you’ll love plying with our new Micro Kate.
  • Obe has handcrafted a new line of Custom Lucets. Check them out.
  • View our Vintage and Decorative RingSpindles™. They’re one-of-a-kind beauties, and great spinners too. New ones are being added regularly, so check often.
  • Our latest Custom Designed spindles include: “Winter at the Full Moon”, and “Haida”. The inspiration for each design came from the customer who collaborated with Tom to create a spindle special to them. Visit our “Custom” Page to learn how Tom can create your custom spindle.