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Golding Fiber Tools is a family-owned business that started in 2002 as an ancillary branch of Fine Art Woodcarving LLC. We are committed to producing fiber tools that will be used and enjoyed for their distinctive attributes of artistic design, fine craftsmanship, and precision engineering.

Our home and business is located on a 60 acre farm in Saxtons River, Vermont that is shared with Bart and Sam the alpacas, Attilla the guard llama, 14 Icelandic sheep, Woody our Icelandic sheep dog and Emmy the tabby cat.

Tom, Master Woodworker of 45 years and Master Woodcarver in the classical tradition for 30 years, is the primary designer and builder of our fiber tools. Diane, spinner, knitter, and novice weaver is the business manager of Golding Fiber Tools. She handles the packing and shipping, and tests spins all spindles and wheels before they leave the shop. At most other times  she’s either tending her vegetable and flower gardens or practicing the piano.  

Both sons, Seth and Obe are involved in the business. Seth and his wife Lisa live in Essex, Vermont. A woodworker and woodcarver, Seth handcrafts many of the RingSpindles, and handcarves some of the spinning wheels. He is the designer and builder of our Micro Lazy Kate and is currently in the design phase of building a prototype for a travel size Golding spinning wheel.

Obe is a musician, Banjo picker and 2009 graduate of the Kentucky School of Bluegrass and Traditional Music. He works part-time for the business contributing his expertise in fine scrolling, woodcarving, and wood finishing. He handcrafts the Golding Lucets.

We are grateful to our loved flock of Icelandic sheep for the vital role they played in the formation of Golding Fiber Tools, for it was they who introduced us to the world of fiber. Diane’s request that Tom make her a handspindle resulted in the innovative RingSpindleâ„¢, which led to designing and building the “Flock of the Shepherdess” spinning wheel, followed by a precision floor loom, and a growing line of spinning and weaving accessories. The enthusiastic response to our fiber tools is an inspiration as we continue to develop new products.

Man carving in workshop

Golding Fiber Tools Throughout the Years

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