Gift Guide

We offer these Golding fiber tools as suggestions for gift giving.

Three lucets laying on white background

Lucet Kit

A Lucet is an ancient Viking tool used for making cord. It’s a handy accessory tool for any fiber artist to have. Kit includes illustrated instructions, practice yarn, and a handcarved Lucet with a finish that is irresistible to the touch.

Aromatherapy Spindle

The spindler who loves essential oils will have the best of both worlds with a Golding Aromatherapy RingSpindle.

Aromatherapy spindle set
Alpaca mother & cria black cherry whorl Ringspindle

Custom Designed RingSpindle™

Have Tom create a spindle with a design that holds special significance to the gift recipient.

Vintage and Decorative

These unique, one-of-a-kind, spindles make a very special gift, especially for the spindler who enjoys the hobby of collecting spindles.

Two vintage ringspindles
3 ply lazy kate

Golding Lazy Kate I

An indispensable, portable, compact, easy to use tool for plying yarn that has been spun on a handspindle — a Golding or otherwise.

Zodiac RingSpindle

Makes a wonderful birthday gift in honor of the spindler’s astrological sign.

Aries zodiac Ringspindle