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Golding micro kate

How to Use the Micro Kate

The Micro Kate can be used to 2-ply or 3-ply your yarns. You have the choice to either ply right from your 2 inch ringspindles or you can use the “plying rods” for transferring spun cops from your ringspindles.

RingSpindle™ Care and Maintenance

Keep your RingSpindle™ away from direct sunlight and sources of direct heat to prevent the wooden whorl from drying out. An occasional oiling will keep the wooden whorl and shaft looking new and beautiful.

Shepherds in love Ringspindle side view

Spindle Hook Alignment Instructions

Spinning on a drop spindle that wobbles can be annoying for the spinner. The wobble, and resulting imbalance, may well be due to the spindle hook not being aligned properly. 

Spindle Weights: How to Choose?

Handspindles come in a variety of weights, as light as 0.4 oz, to as heavy as 2.4 oz. The type of fiber and the kind of yarn you want to spin are factors that determine the weight spindle to use.

From the olive branch Ringspindle front view
Celtic cross spinning wheel

Spinning Wheels

A Golding heirloom spinning wheel is a “castle” type wheel with scotch tension, hand built out of the finest cherry or black walnut. It is a synthesis of fine woodworking, woodcarving, sculpture, and precision balance and engineering.