Celtic Flower Spinning Wheel

(Handcarved Cherry with American Holly, Ebony, Purpleheart, Russian  Bog Oak (5,460 years old with Carbon Dated Certifcate of Age included), Irish Bog Oak, Green Onyx (2 cabochons at 15.97 carats and 2 cabochons at 1.71 carats)

Single Flyer Wheel with ratios of 7:1, 12:1, & 18:1 with Handrubbed Bronze Plated Rin


Single Flyer Features

  • “Castle” type wheel with scotch tension
  • Made from the finest cherry or black walnut
  • Handcarved wheel and sculptured figurehead
  • Dual plane, dynamically balanced flyer for very smooth spinning
  • Your choice of any 3 ratio configurations up to 18:1
  • 16 custom sealed ball bearings (you’ll never have to oil parts)
  • Wide, comfortable heel-toe double treadles
  • 3 regular size bobbins (each one holds 4 oz of fiber)
  • Comes with a 3 Ply Golding Lazy Kate II (floor/table model)
  • Optional accessories: Jumbo Plying Bobbin and Jumbo Flyer


Celtic flower single flyer model
Celtic flower single flyer model
Celtic flower single flyer model top
Celtic flower single flyer model close up