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The Golding Gossamer is our travel sized spinning wheel. It has many of the same the same features as the Golding Glory but in a smaller, lighter wieght, more travel friendly size. If you are looking for a wheel that you can bring with you without sacrificing performance, this is the wheel you’ve been looking for.


Golding gossamer travel spinning wheel
Golding gossamer travel wheel engraved leather strap


  • Orifice Height: 23"
  • Overall Height: 25"
  • Weight: 14 Lbs (13 Lbs with flyer head removed)
  • Footprint: 15" x 15"
  • Wheel Diameter: 12"


  • Golding gossamer travel spinning wheel
    Standard Model


    $200.- East Coast & Central
    $225.- West Coast & Southwest

    except AK & HI-Inquire

    Please contact us for an international shipping quote.

    What’s Included:

    3 Standard Bobbins
    3 Ply Lazy Kate
    Spare Parts Kit
    Flyer Hook
    Instruction Manual

    Features Include:

    • Made from select Cherry
    • “Castle” type wheel with Scotch Tension
    • Machined iron ring with a black phosphate finish surrounds the wheel for a signature Golding spinning experience.
    • True double treadle drive system with ergonomic, and easy treadling.
    • Interchangeable, Dual Plane, Dynamically Balanced Flyers with super light carbon fiber arms for very smooth spinning.
    • Includes 3 Standard size bobbins.  Standard size bobbin holds 4 oz of fiber, Jumbo size bobbin (purchased separately) holds 8 oz of fiber. Bobbins are designed for sensitive tensioning.
    • Bobbins and flyers are compatible with both of our other wheels
    • 4 easy to change ratios of 6, 8, 11, 17:1
    • 16 sealed ball bearings, and 2 self lubricating ball bearings. You’ll never need to oil parts
    • Heel/toe double treadles that are wide and comfortable
    • Removable Flyer Head
    • Leather handle for easier transport