Le Papillon dans Fleur Splendide Spinning Wheel

With Inlaid Peridot eyes)
Ratios to 33:1



Triple Flyer Features

  • “Castle” type wheel with scotch tension
  • Handcarved wheel and sculptured figurehead
  • Choose Super High Speed with 6 ratios up to 24:1 or Ultra High Speed with 8 ratios up to 33:1
  • Hand built in walnut only
  • 3 interchangeable, dual plane dynamically balanced flyers. Having 3 flyers with their respective ratio whorls enables the spinner to achieve high speed ratios without having to remove or add any parts to the wheel. Placement of an extra small driveband is all that is needed to increase ratios over 15:1.
  • Built-in Lazy Kate for 2 plying without having to remove the bobbins.
  • 26 Custom sealed ball bearings (you’ll never have to oil parts)
  • Wide, comfortable heel-toe double treadles
  • 3 regular size bobbins (each one holds 4 oz of fiber), and 1 Jumbo Plying Bobbin (holds 8 oz of fiber). Bobbins are designed for normal or sensitive tensioning.
  • Optional accessory: 3 Ply Lazy Kate II (floor/table model)

Alternative Design Options:

Le papillon spinning wheel with bumblebees and honeybees

Wheel with added Bumblebees and Honeybees

Le papillon spinning wheel figurehead amethyst eyes

Figurehead with Amethyst Eyes

Handrubbed Bronze Finish Ring and Walnut Accents

Le papillon spinning wheel handrubbed bronze finish ring and walnut accents


Le papillon spinning wheel full view
Le papillon spinning wheel side view
Le papillon spinning wheel detail
Le papillon spinning wheel close up
Le papillon spinning wheel figurehead front view
Le papillon spinning wheel figurehead side view