This is a description of the Obe Golding Lucets that appears on every product.

“Discover Your Inner Viking”

Make cord with your homespun yarn using a Lucet.

A Lucet (also called a lucet fork) is an ancient tool dating back to the Viking era. It is used for making a looped cord that is strong, square, and a bit springy. Lucet cord can be used for draw-string (such as for bags or purses), decorative edging, ties for hats, and any other use where strong cord is needed.

A Lucet cord and a knitted I-cord look very similar and can be used interchangeably. The advantage of a Lucet cord is that it works up more quickly. All Lucets come with a sample cord and instructions.

Obe Golding Lucets are handcrafted out of out of a variety of woods. Obe uses his own special finish formula to produce an exceptionally smooth finish, ideal for lucetting.


  • Mermaid lucet
    Mermaid Lucet

    Ebony Lucet with Vintage Ivory Insets (2) & Scrimshaw by Lucinda Bush