This is a description of the Obe Golding Lucets that appears on every product.

“Discover Your Inner Viking”

Make cord with your homespun yarn using a Lucet.

A Lucet (also called a lucet fork) is an ancient tool dating back to the Viking era. It is used for making a looped cord that is strong, square, and a bit springy. Lucet cord can be used for draw-string (such as for bags or purses), decorative edging, ties for hats, and any other use where strong cord is needed.

A Lucet cord and a knitted I-cord look very similar and can be used interchangeably. The advantage of a Lucet cord is that it works up more quickly. All Lucets come with a sample cord and instructions.

Obe Golding Lucets are handcrafted out of out of a variety of woods. Obe uses his own special finish formula to produce an exceptionally smooth finish, ideal for lucetting.


Divine couple cherry lucet artwork close up
Celtic hares walnut lucet artwork close up
Celtic tree of life cherry lucet


  • Divine couple cherry lucet
    Porcelain Series Lucet - Celtic

    The designs are fired into clay at 2200 degrees, so they will not peel or wear off.  Consequently, there is no care needed.  (2 insets per Lucet-your choice of cherry or walnut and design-please specify at checkout)

    “DIVINE COUPLE” (cherry)

    “CELTIC HARES” (Walnut)

    “CELTIC TREE OF LIFE” (cherry)