Golding Precision Floor Looms are available as a 36″, four or eight harness jack loom. They are handbuilt from the finest cherry, with maple, walnut, and purpleheart accents. Of heirloom quality, Golding looms are a masterful integration of innovative engineering, fine woodworking, and woodcarving.

For smooth and easy operation, each loom is constructed with numerous custom-sealed ball bearings—58 in the four harness and 82 in the eight harness. Tom machines most of the metal components, including the ratchet and pawl, break drum, and lever. The cloth advance is sensitive and easy to use. Constructed in two sections, the loom is bolted together with 4 bolts which are easily assembled.

Custom designs are also an option.


Swan lake floor loom
Woman sitting in room using a floor loom


  • Swan lake floor loom
    Swan Lake Floor Loom (with a swan motif for the sculptured figureheads)

    36″ Four Harness — $11,050
    36″ Eight Harness — $14,450