Single Flyer Features

  • “Castle” type wheel with scotch tension
  • Made from the finest cherry or black walnut
  • Handcarved wheel and sculptured figurehead
  • Dual plane, dynamically balanced flyer for very smooth spinning
  • Your choice of any 3 ratio configurations up to 18:1
  • 16 custom sealed ball bearings (you’ll never have to oil parts)
  • Wide, comfortable heel-toe double treadles
  • 3 regular size bobbins (each one holds 4 oz of fiber)
  • Comes with a 3 Ply Golding Lazy Kate II (floor/table model)
  • Optional accessories: Jumbo Plying Bobbin and Jumbo Flyer



  • (Handcarved)
    Cherry, Ebony. Maple, Linden, 24K Yellow
    Gold Leaf, 12K White Gold Leaf, Turquoise Gemstones, Feathers, Coral Beads, Turquoise Beads, & Sterling Silver. Kokopelli footmen, Hard Maple Knifewing Figurehead withTurquoise Gemstones, 24K Yellow Gold Leaf , 12K White Gold Leaf, Feathers, Coral Beads, Turquoise Beads, & Sterling Silver)

    Ratios of 7:1, 12:1, and 18:1

    Figurehead and Wheel Handpainted by Jan Elliott